DC’s Greatest Wizards Meet Their Match In This Week’s ‘Secret Six’

Black Alice is a teenage girl who can co-opt and use the powers of other magic users. At best, this tends to be inconvenient for them, as she usually does it to them in the middle of a fight. Beyond that, though, DC’s greatest wizards have discovered Black Alice is draining the magical forces that keep unspeakable evil at bay. So, they’ve decided she’s got to take a dirt nap, but Alice isn’t going to go quietly, and her teammates don’t take kindly to people trying to wreck their family.

Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham have done a great job bringing the dysfunctional team of supervillains back. The ongoing theme is that this collection of vicious assassins, hardened vigilantes, and psychopaths are all, on the inside, broken people yearning for connection, but not sure how to make them. So, in between beating the Riddler into the trauma ward and their other hijinks, they’ve formed an ad hoc, messy little family.

So, yeah, threatening what amounts to Catman’s little sister? Probably not going to end well. Of course, that assumes Alice won’t take care of them first…

See the full-sized spread.

To see just how screwed DC’s crack team of mages really is, check out Secret Six #8, on sale Wednesday in comics shops and on digital platforms.