Security Guards Observe And Report The Strangest Things They’ve Seen On Camera

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The fine folks at Reddit appear to spend their lives in front of the computer, but they seldom fall short in life experiences. The best AskReddit threads are those that reveal occupational hazards. We’ve heard from bartenders (who get judgey about your orders), nurses (who tire of your bodily functions), porn stars (with equally strong stomachs), truckers (who hold the advantage of height), customer service agents (who hear what you say on hold), and haunted house employees (who don’t think much of you at all).

Now Reddit is getting real with stories from security guards. Those poor folks are generally racked with boredom. So, when they see something go down, you’d better believe they take it all in with interest unless someone’s being harmed or burglarized. These guards often remain hidden from sight (although one is usually front and present as a warning). Let’s get to some far-out stories of what these guards have observed and reported:

OliverFriends starts off this thread, and he’s got picture proof of his story:

“While working at a department store at the end of a strip mall, I saw a bobcat run past the doors, heading towards Target. Several seconds later, I saw a mother, father, and two children go running past in the same direction. A few minutes later, the family walked back past the doors, with the father carrying the bobcat. A big, f*ck off bobcat. It was kinda odd.”

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