See If You Can Guess Why Sam Worthington Was Arrested In NYC Yesterday

Based off the picture above, this may come as a surprise to you, but actor Sam Worthington does not like the paparazzi. Just look at that scowl. I mean no man in a tuque that ridiculous should be so angry.

Well, the star of Avatar and Wrath of the Titans unleashed the Kraken on a photographer yesterday and has since been arrested on assault charges:

According to police sources cited by CNN, NBC 4 New York and others, the Australian actor was enjoying a drink with his girlfriend at a bar on the corner of Jane Street and Greenwich Avenue at around 5:30pm, when paparazzo Sheng Li allegedly kicked Worthington’s companion in the shins. The actor then punched Li in the face, resulting in a laceration to the nose.

[…]Worthington was charged with assault and received an appearance ticket, while Li was arrested and charged with assault, reckless endangerment and harassment.

Wait, what? The paparazzo kicked his girlfriend in the shins? Unless he’s actually her little sister, that’s some messed up sh*t right there. What was he supposed to do, just shrug off a guy kicking his girlfriend? Ugh, paparazzi, you are:

The Australian scourge is not new to legal trouble however:

He was arrested for disorderly conduct in Atlanta in 2012, after he pushed a doorman who refused to let him enter a restaurant because he was intoxicated and without proper identification.

“I’m Sam Worthington! I was supposed to be the next big star but it never really happened for some reason, no one’s really sure why, probably because of my hairdo in Man on a Ledge, I don’t know. Either way let me in! Oi! Oi! Oi!”

Maybe, just maybe this will delay the next THREE Avatar movies. Please?

via HollywoodReporter