See The Corps Partner With Their Foes In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Green Lantern Corps’ #29

03.07.14 5 years ago
Hey, remember when the Durlans were mostly a trivia question? Apparently they were rather feisty before the thirty-first century rolled around, as this exclusive preview of Green Lantern Corps #29 shows us.

There have been major changes for the Green Lanterns; they learned that by overusing their rings, they were destroying the universe. Oa was blown to pieces and the Corps moved to Mogo in the world’s most awkward coworker situation. And now they’re fighting the Durlans, a race of shapeshifters who have it out for the Lanterns. Their only hope? Von Daggle, a Lantern who specializes in espionage. But Daggle’s got plans, and a goal, of his own.

Van Jensen has been flying solo on this book for a while, and it’s been interesting how cleverly he’s shifted Green Lantern Corps from a catchall book about dudes with rings to a really strong story about John Stewart and what he brings to the Corps. Stewart is an interesting character, and what makes him stand out is emphasized here, without losing the fact that this is a team book.

Of course, it’s not all about Stewart’s feelings. There is a war going on, as you can see in our exclusive preview. Green Lantern Corps #29 will be on stands next week.

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