See How Jurassic Park's T-Rex Was Made Then Watch Him In Action In Two New 'Jurassic Park 3D' TV Ads

Hey, you know what goes well with lunch? Dinosaurs! Well okay, dinosaurs go well with pretty much everything, but it’s lunchtime and I’ve got some Jurassic Park s–t to post.

Hit the jump for a couple TV ads for the upcoming Jurassic Park 3D re-release, and another video from Stan Winston Studios, this time detailing the creation of the movie’s T-rex…

If all the guys who built that T-rex aren’t fabulously happy billionaires today, the universe is unfair.

Here are those Jurassic Park 3D TV ads…

Hmmm, looks like they’ve adjusted the “saturation” and “contrast” Photoshop sliders on the movie. The original movie had sort of a washed-out TV-ish look — then again maybe that’s just because I watched it so many times on my old washed out TV.

via ENI