Sega Will Produce An Anime Starring Its Consoles

Honestly, it’s kind of amazing Sega is still in business, at this point. After they got out of the hardware game, it seems they’ve mostly been cashing in on nostalgia while trying to find their way back as a software publisher, to mixed success. And there’s no better sign of that nostalgia than the insane new anime they’re producing.

The facts are these: Sega made a set of “character cards” for the Vita game Samurai & Dragons that featured their consoles personified as “magical girls.” It was seemingly a lark at the time, but apparently you should never underestimate the desire of fanboys to see their childhood consoles with boobs, according to Kotaku:

Sega is no longer making home consoles, but it’s now making an anime starring girly personifications of its game hardware. No word as to when the anime will be shown…Sega only announced that it was making a Segakko anime.

Yes, people are nostalgic enough for Sega’s consoles that Sega thinks, or perhaps hopes, they’re willing to watch an entire anime of them… fighting… something? We guess?

We’re half hoping this will be an intentional analogy to the company’s struggles in the hardware market; the Saturn gets put out of its misery by the third episode, the Genesis keeps getting into romantic entanglements with different members of the cast, and everybody winds up ignoring the Nomad. Hey, it can’t be worse than anything they might be plotting out right now.