This Smiling Teenager Captured Two Women Violently Brawling In His Selfie Video

As long as the internet has been internetting, crazy videos have been a mainstay. The advent of camera phones and Go Pros have escalated some of these clips to stunning highs, as well as mind-boggling lows. A fine example of the latter can be shown in the above video. In it, Detroit teenager Daniel Avery tapes an argument between two women, one older and one younger, falsely reported to be his girlfriend and mother. The disagreement was apparently over a dog the younger woman allegedly stole, according to the Daily News.

The selfie video begins with a grinning Daniel handing a bat to the older woman, still at the front door of her home. Realizing he might end up filming a brutal bludgeoning instead of a simple argument, he quickly takes the bat away and continues to capture the confrontation. The younger woman in the video, seething at the end of the walkway, rushes up to the house. She is then seen prying the front door open, and then slamming the older woman’s face with a flower pot she finds on the doorstep. From there things continued to escalate:

The 2-minute video, which went viral Thursday, shows Bradford’s 16-year-old son, Daniel Avery, grinning as extends his arm to show two women – initially reported to be his mother and girlfriend – slam each other into the mailbox and use their teeth as weapons.

After seeing the two women gnawing on one another, Daniel half-heartedly tries to break it up with one arm, while still filming with the other hand. At the end of the clip, with the women still in each others’ grasps, Daniel proudly boasts, “Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – y’all see this?”

Aw yes, social media at its finest, folks.

Source: Daily News