People Are Freaking Out About This Selfie Reflection That Looks Slightly Demonic

This seemingly simple tweet from user ItsTheMans has sparked a firestorm of hellish proportions after he and his followers spied an apparition-like sight in the background. Indeed, he asked, “What kinda devlish thing is going on?” That’s an excellent question.

We’ve seen some photo-inspired conspiracy theories like this on several occasions. Not too long ago, folks thought they saw an alien on an airplane, or perhaps the fabled cryptid named Goatman, and maybe a floating Chinese cloud city. The human mind can translate completely innocuous sights into something mythical or even sinister.

In this case, folks are freaking out of the possibility of Satan. The photo depicts two people taking a selfie with a reflective door in the background. In the finished product, the back of this woman’s head sure looks suspicious, for it appears as if she has a second face on the back of her head. This doesn’t look exactly like her face, but one can clearly see a smiling mouth, a nose and some eyes that are staring straight into your soul.

Surely, this is mere trickery or an optical illusion, right? Let’s look closer and see if the phenomenon persists. Yep, sure does. This could be some clever photoshop magic or viral marketing for an unsanctioned Exorcist sequel.

Twitter has some guesses about what’s happening in this picture.

So, this could be a collective case of eye trickery, or maybe it really is Satan. In any event, sleep will not come easy tonight, for it’s not April Fool’s Day yet.

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