The Selfie Craze Has Reached Our Feline Friends: Meet The World’s First Selfie-Taking Cat

FREE CATNIP!!! ? #Selfiecat ? #powerball

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Selfies have reached such peak saturation in our culture that now even cats are getting into the fun. Or at least one particularly spunky kitty is! While cats are typically known for interfering with cameras, Manny — the cat pictured above with (sadly) not the winning Powerball ticket — loves himself some selfies.

Manny, who is the “boss of the dogs” he lives with, by the way, apparently learned to take selfies quite accidentally due to his infatuation with GoPro cameras. There’s just something about the tiny boxes that make him want to tap tap, which triggers the camera to inadvertently snap a photo.

Here is a video of Manny in action, to get an idea of how he manages it:


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Regardless of how he does it, Manny has become a bona fide internet celebrity, amassing nearly 50,000 followers on his Instagram account. Here are just a handful of his kitty cat selfies:

When you're mid-selfie and your song comes on… ?? #selfiecat #leanback

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?? #selfiecat #GoPro

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???? #selfiecat #GoPro

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Goooooood Morning! ?? #selfiecat #squad #gopro #pitbull #rottweiler

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❄️?? #selfiecat #gopro #tongueouttuesday

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Happy Friday!! ?? #selfiecat #gopro

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