You’re In For A Total Surprise If Serena Williams Invites You Over For Netflix And Chill

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01.15.16 10 Comments
Serena Williams

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Ahh, yes Netflix and Chill, the immensely cheap date option that surprisingly doesn’t mean cuddling up with bae and binge-watching Scrubs together.

Like many traditional people who still believe in love and the promise that it gives, Serena Williams was completely clueless about the pervy implications of Netflix and Chill until recently. The tennis champ revealed her initial naivete in a special Harper’s Bazaar column on love, where readers asked Serena her advice on everything from being sexy to the definition of Netflix and Chill, and shared that she’s an old-fashioned kind of gal.

DEAR SERENA: I’ve always thought that “Netflix and chill” really meant watching Netflix and chilling. Am I naive? —Age of Innocence

SW: I have to tell you, I thought the same exact thing. When I say “Netflix and chill,” that’s what 
I mean. I guess you and I are just old-fashioned—if you can call Netflix old-fashioned!

Serena isn’t that old-fashioned. She also revealed she doesn’t do that commercial hoodwink known as Valentine’s Day.

DEAR SERENA: I want to do something extra special for my man on Valentine’s Day this year. What can I do that will really make an impact? — Confused Cupid

SW: I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I think you should try to make every day special. It’s the little things that count.

For the record, Netflix and Chill means watching Netflix for all of two minutes, and then bow chicka wow wow time. It’s just a much more decent way to say, “Hey, let’s have sex to a laugh track later.”

(Via Harper’s Bazaar)

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