Winter Is Coming To ‘Sesame Street’ In This Cute ‘Game Of Thrones’ Parody

Sesame Street has awesomely parodied many television shows and movies — including Hunger Games, Sons of Anarchy, Downton Abbey, Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, Harry Potter, True Blood, and Lord of the Rings — and now they return with a Game of Thrones parody enjoyable for kids and adults alike. The kids learn about musical chairs from Grover, and the adults can pick up the numerous Game of Thrones references we hope their kids won’t understand, like Robb Stark saying he has a wedding to get to and Cersei Lannister saying she’s going to tell her brother about all of this. Sidenote: can we have that Tyrion Lannister puppet? We want to go on adventures with him.

It’s already well-established that the Sesame Street gang know their Game of Thrones, but we never thought to ask who on Sesame Street has the necessary constitution to handle all the violence in the books and introduce the others to these references?

Ernie, you sick bastard.

(Source: Sesame Street)