Set Phasers To Fun: Funko Pop Releases Their Star Trek Line Of Toys

There were a few Funko Pop vinyl toys we missed from the Toy Fair coverage, and they’re arguably the most important of toys to own — the Star Trek Original Series figures.

It’s about time Funko licensed Star Trek, as they have about a half dozen different versions of Sheldon Cooper already. This set is the standard sized 3 3/4″ big heads. The phasers on Kirk and Scotty are permanent. (I can’t think of any Funko figures that have removable “props” to them, that’s sort of how they get you to buy a second wave series.) No word on why Orion Girl and Random Andorian merited a space in this first series over Uhura and Bones. But I greatly appreciate the inclusion of the blue eyeshadow on Spock’s paint job.

The Star Trek figures were released last month and are $9.99. If you don’t have a local store that carries them, you can order Funko just about anywhere that nerdery abounds, including Amazon and ThinkGeek.

I also overlooked some of the releases for this month, including a Delorean that includes a Marty McFly figure. It preorders at Entertainment Earth for $26.99:

The Delorean holds a single Funko Pop character, so you can remove the Marty McFly and replace him with a much cooler option if you preorder yourself an Army of Darkness-era Ash:

Unlike the oversight on the Kirk figure, Ash has his shirt appropriately torn. Honestly, Funko, if the next series of Star Trek toys doesn’t have a thoroughly irritated looking Bones and a shirtless Kirk, you don’t deserve a Star Trek license.

Via Technabob