Set Phasers To Fun: A Star Trek Theme Park Is Coming Soon!

Star Trek will be coming soon to a theme park near you! If you live in Spain, that is. The people behind the upcoming Paramount Park Murcia (not to be confused with ‘Murica) have announced that Star Trek will have a large presence in the park. I guess we’ve all been misquoting the show all these years. It actually said, “Spain… the final frontier.”

The “Plaza Futura” section of the park will be where to go for all your Star Trek needs. A Starfleet Spain recruitment center, a 3D simulator, and a roller coaster will be placed around an open, futuristic square. The 3D simulator is rumored to be a shuttle ride around the spacedock. It wouldn’t be a true theme park attraction without something going wrong; my guess is an alien attack. The roller coaster will be called the Warp Speed Coaster, and it will have several loops and an underground “wormhole” section. The ride will be approximately 30 meters (100 ft) tall, 650 meters (2150 ft) long, and it will reach speeds of 100km/h (65 mph). 

Paramount is packing the park with its movie franchises, so Star Trek will be sharing the “Plaza Futura” area with a War of the Worlds themed restaurant. “The Enchanted Forest” will have areas based on Stardust, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow. “Rango’s West” will be the most ambitious area of the park, attempting to span the gap between kids’ movies like Rango and more artistic films like Rango. “Adventure City” will include rides and attractions based on Mission Impossible, The Godfather movies, and — I swear I’m not making this up — Grease.

Paramount Park Murcia will be in Alhama de Murcia, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The resort will also include hotels, malls, a casino, a convention center, gardens, nightlife and dining areas, and an exhibition hall/auditorium. This will be Paramount’s second foray into the theme park business. They formerly owned five American parks, one of which included a Star Trek roller coaster. Paramount Park Murcia is expected to open in late 2015, so any Klingon commenters reading this will have plenty of time to plan a trip. QAPLA!

Be sure to hit the next page for the rest of the concept art!

The images below depict the interior of the Starfleet recruitment center and the 3D simulator.

Below are depictions of the queue are and interior of the Warp Speed Coaster

An exterior view.

Finally, the exterior of the Warp Speed Coaster. You can see three warp cores protruding from the top of the ride building.


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