‘The Flash’ Needs A New Director As Seth Grahame-Smith Exits

Following the mixed reaction and disappointing box office take of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Warner Brothers is making some drastic changes. While they are still ahead with a solo Batman film, it was reported that they were scaling back their new projects going forward, focusing on known entities instead of original live-action projects. It was unclear if or how it would affect the growing Justice League universe, but we might be seeing the first bit of fallout.

According to Deadline, Seth Grahame-Smith is out as director of The Flash, citing “creative differences.” This would have been Grahame-Smith’s first time in the director’s chair, having previously written Dark Shadows, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It could be that DC is looking for a more experienced hand to bring Barry Allen’s story to the big screen, but details so far are pretty scarce. Grahame-Smith is expected to stay involved in the production despite stepping down as director.

The Flash isn’t expected to hit theaters until 2018, so there is still plenty of time for them to find a replacement, but according to reports, the search for a new director is starting immediately.

(Via Deadline)