Seth Meyers Ruthlessly Mocked Donald Trump For Boring The Crowd At His Own Rally

Monday night marked a milestone for Late Night, as Seth Meyers welcomed back a live audience for the first time in 19 months. And while he was appreciative of having real, live engaged humans to interact with once again, he was even more thankful when he saw what the alternative could have been like.

As Meyers explained:

“The man just refuses to go away. On Saturday [Trump] went to Iowa to hold yet another rally, where he repeated the same deranged lies about the election that he’s been repeating for months. And yet, even his own crowd wasn’t exactly electrified by hearing the same old incoherent nonsense over and over again.”

Remember this?


Those are the faces of people hearing, yet again, about how Trump was up in the polls on Election Day (as pretty much everyone had predicted would be the case), then the polls closed and people started, you know, actually counting the votes… and his lead disappeared. The man whose wife immigrated to America also took a moment to describe immigration as “a sick thing happening to our country.”

The response to Trump’s tired-ass comments? Pretty much silence. Which made Meyers feel a bit better: “Wow—and I was worried about bringing audiences back!”

You can watch the full clip, which begins just before the 6:00 mark, above.