Seth Meyers Held A Fake Press Conference With Trump That Was Far More Honest Than His Real Ones

Every time President Trump holds a press conference, we pretty much know what to expect. Deceptive, meandering answers to questions, if not outright hostility to the reporters asking them. Or: “Whenever Donald Trump holds a press conference his rambling, nonsensical answers raise more questions then they answer,” as Seth Meyers put it on Tuesday night. “So we decided to hold another one, right here, right now,” he continued, announcing the first ever Late Night White House Press Conference.

The concept was clear right out of the gate with the first question, as Meyers sat in a fake press pool and asked Trump, “You’ve been president for two years now, how’s the country doing?” before flipping to pre-edited footage of an actual White House press conference. “A dangerous, horrible, disaster,” responded Trump, not inaccurately.

While at first the questions were relatively straightforward, they became sillier as it went along, as Meyers grilled Trump on where his hands go when he talks, what his best pickup line is when calling a girl on the phone, and how much he pays for his makeup.

“Dude, what is wrong with you?” Meyers flat-out asked at one point, to which Trump responded: “I could give you a list, it’s pages long.” The affair ended with Meyers asking the former Apprentice star about his Toad from Mario Kart penis, which Trump described as “one of the great disasters of all time,” “there’s no inflation,” and “the worst thing in the world.”

Only his current wife, two ex-wives, and at least one Playboy model and adult film star know for sure!