Seth Rogen Reacted Accordingly When He Discovered He Was Blocked By Rob Schneider

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Saturday saw Seth Rogen’s world come crashing down around him thanks to former SNL star Rob Schneider. That’s likely over-dramatic, but Rogen was hit with the reality that Schneider had blocked him on Twitter and the mystery of why it happened.

This led to Rogen and a few of Twitter’s more vocal comedians joining in to troll Schneider a bit and question why it could’ve happened. Take Kumail Nanjiani for example, lending Rogen a helping hand to show what he’s missing on Schneider’s timeline, and Ike Barinholtz who just really wants to be back in Rogen’s good graces:

Even Jason Priestley was curious why this happened, likely sensing a fellow Canadian in trouble and reaching out for support:

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