Seth Rogen Reacted Accordingly When He Discovered He Was Blocked By Rob Schneider

Saturday saw Seth Rogen’s world come crashing down around him thanks to former SNL star Rob Schneider. That’s likely over-dramatic, but Rogen was hit with the reality that Schneider had blocked him on Twitter and the mystery of why it happened.

This led to Rogen and a few of Twitter’s more vocal comedians joining in to troll Schneider a bit and question why it could’ve happened. Take Kumail Nanjiani for example, lending Rogen a helping hand to show what he’s missing on Schneider’s timeline, and Ike Barinholtz who just really wants to be back in Rogen’s good graces:

Even Jason Priestley was curious why this happened, likely sensing a fellow Canadian in trouble and reaching out for support:

Others just seemed to enjoy commenting on the situation, Moshe Kasher and Rob Funches, either using some of Schneider’s catchphrases or pointing out how Rogen had finally gone too far.

Obviously there was no shortage of replies from people, either just enjoying the oddity of the situation or trying to join in on the fun. Odd Future’s Taco might’ve actually uncovered the truth behind it all, although this overlooks the possibility that Schneider just piggybacked someone else’s block list that doesn’t like the Pineapple Express star:

This wasn’t Rogen’s only comment about Rob Schneider, noting the pained expression on his face in his banner photo — with an additional observation by Michael Ian Black:

It was a pointless way to spend a Saturday, but it came to an end by nightfall. Schneider brought down the wall and built a bridge with Rogen in exchange for a potential meeting with James Franco. Rogen never actually replied to these messages — despite Schneider sending them out multiple times — but it would seem that the table is set for a possible collaboration in the future.

Who knows, maybe Seth Rogen wants to be blocked by all of the members of Adam Sandler’s circle of friends? Or perhaps it’s just a way to get to Ellen Cleghorne in some manner, climbing up the ladder of former SNL cast members.