Seth Rogen Still Has No Clue Why Rob Schneider Blocked Him On Twitter

One of the more perplexing developments to come out of the year 2017 was when Seth Rogen discovered that he had been blocked on Twitter by Rob Schneider. Yes, that Rob Schneider — star of bottom-shelf comedic fare such as Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and The Hot Chick. Rogen was as surprised as anyone, tweeting a screenshot of said blocking with the appropriate reaction of “what the fuck?”

Now it’s nearly two years later, and Rogen still doesn’t know what slight he had committed to deserve such harsh punishment. While promoting his new film Long Shot with Charlize Theron on Thursday night’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Rogen was asked by a call-in viewer if he ever got down to the bottom of the apparent beef.

“I don’t, I’ve been blocked by a lot of random weird celebrities,” Rogen answered. “I find out when one of them tweets something stupid and everyone I follow is retweeting it and I try to follow the thing and then I realize I’m blocked.”

“Larry the Cable Guy blocked me, Rob Schneider had blocked me on Twitter, a lot of like — I have no fucking clue why,” he continued. “It’s a good reverse psychology thing because I never cared, I couldn’t give a shit what Rob Schneider is tweeting until he blocked me. And now I’m like, what is this guy saying? Must be fascinating.”

Not to throw cold water on his theory, but we’re guessing he’s probably not missing out on too much. Oh well.