This Seven-Story Tall Hot Wheels Track Will Make Your Inner Child Madly Jealous

It’s uh…it’s better than this.

What was the best Hot Wheels track you ever constructed? I’ll admit right now, I never made anything terribly impressive — from the top of my dresser to the floor was about as tall as they ever got. I was more interested in crashing and smashing my Hot Wheels until their little axels got bent and the wheels didn’t turn anymore.

Well, anyways, now I feel extra inadequate about my Hot Wheels skills, because somebody in Spain went and built a seven story tall Hot Wheels track. Hit the jump to check it out…

Not bad, although the track needed to end with the COBRA STUNT SET…

…also, it probably should have included the SUPER CHARGER…

…but yeah, seven stories. That’s pretty cool I guess. Solid effort Spain.

via Gizmondo