This Seven Year Old Got A Badass ‘Stars Wars’-Themed Prosthetic Arm

What the people over at E-NablingTheFuture do is nothing short of miraculous. We have spoken of their altruistic awesomeness before, and here we are again with another story that will rekindle your faith in mankind. As many of you are aware, 3D printers are being used more and more to help build inexpensive prosthetic arms for people in need. Not just that, but these arms can have cool and unique twists to make the user (often children) feel more empowered.

In this case, seven year old Liam Porter was given a prosthetic arm made to look like one of the clonetroopers from the Star Wars prequels. You can say what you want about those prequels, but the kid’s reaction in this video will make you hate them a little less. He even had clonetrooper cosplayers there to really blow his mind and drive home how cool this all was.

A quick shout-out to folks at E-Nabling the Future. Way to make the world a better (and more science fiction friendly) place. And to Liam Porter, congrats on the badass arm, buddy. Just don’t go all “dark side” on us now.

H/T to Technabob