Meet The Sex-Ed Teacher Whose Botched Breast Implants Made Her A ‘Boner Free Zone’

Tuesday’s episode of Botched on E! featured a woman named Marla who injured her double-D breast implants in a fall down the stairs, and as a result had to go through several surgeries to fix the damage, which left her with a sunken, disfigured chest. Ironically a human-sexuality teacher, Marla had torn the scar tissue in the accident, which developed into a seroma, and caused fluid to be trapped around the implant.

Marla’s doctor then removed her implants entirely to give her time to heal, but when she went back to double-D’s two years later her problems only got worse when her left nipple wouldn’t heal, and caused an actual hole in her breast down to the implant. Her implants were once again removed, leaving her with infection and disfigurement.

Marla came to Botched to try to have her chest salvaged, telling Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, “Boobs aren’t the reason why I teach, but I think they’re a big part of my sexuality. It’s really hard for me to feel good about what I do.” Despite the fact that there was a 30 percent chance of a major complication, the doctors were able to save Marla’s boobs, bringing her back to a respectable C cup. Marla now no longer considers her chest to be a “boner-free zone,” and with any luck her new boobs will remain incident-free.

(Via E! via Daily Mail)