Nothing Is More Terrifying Than This Video Of Sexed Up Snakes Falling From This Guy’s Ceiling


Imagine you’re just chilling at home, minding your own business, maybe watching an episode of Judge Judy (just for the commercials, though), when something horrifying happens. It’s not a serial killer at the door or a collection agency on the phone (same level of terrifying), but something much worse. Much, much worse. Snakes. More specifically, snakes falling out of your ceiling. And there’s more: these aren’t just ordinary snakes! They’re snakes that were mating so passionately that their frantic undulations forced them to fall from the attic and hang from the ceiling like angry electrical wires.

Think this is just the stuff of nightmares? Nah, man, it’s real. And it happened to a man named Mark Hyatt of Greenwood, South Carolina. Check out the below video and decide what’s more terrifying: sexy, sexy snakes or this alligator strutting through a golf course.

Of course, this very polite alligator trying to ring a doorbell is also some stiff competition.

According to Mashable, Hyatt’s still trying to get the snakes out of his house. You’ve gotta respect him for not just running out the front door, setting fire to the whole thing, and starting over somewhere new. Who knows what other monsters are lurking in the shadows of his attic and closets?

(h/t: Mashable)