Sexy TV Lawyer Angie Harmon Wants to Play Sexy Comic Book Lawyer She-Hulk

As I’ve mentioned around here before, I like She-Hulk. She’s sassy single female lawyer with big green boobs — what’s not to like? Turns out Angie Harmon of Law & Order and Rizzoli & Isles fame (uh, semi fame?) agrees. Angie really wants to play She-Hulk, going so far as to post a picture of herself cosplaying as She-Hulk on Twitter.

I dunno — I mean, she’s got the lawyer thing down, and she’s green, but she’s kind of skinny to be playing She-Hulk. Shulkie’s not as hefty as her cousin (He-Hulk), but she should have a bit more meat on dem bones.

But it seems as if Angie’s got at least one supporter — long-time She-Hulk writer Dan Slott. Upon hearing of Angie’s interest in the character, Slott Tweeted “I swear I’d write the pilot for free.” Cool, well if Dan’s got the script covered, I’ll write the theme song!

Single, Green, Female Lawyer,

Fighting for her client,

Wearing sexy mini-skirts,

And being self-reliant…

via The Mary Sue