Sci-Fi Shows Get Upworthy Headlines. What Happens Next May Something Something.

We like to poke fun at Upworthy headlines once in awhile, and what happens next may forcibly remove your jaw and give it to a bullied tween. (Am I doing these headlines right?)

You know the clickbait Upworthy headline style. It’s all, “What This Angry Grandmother Did Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.” Or maybe it’s, “A Gay Teacher Wrote An Open Letter To A Disabled Klansman. What Happens Next Might Surprise You.”

It’s a repetitive, maudlin posting style which takes seconds to publish and is easily copied, which is why there are so many imitators popping up in your mom’s Facebook feed. We’re not linking to any of them, or to Upworthy. It can’t hurt me if I pretend I don’t see it, right?

What makes Upworthy headlines easy to copy also makes them easy to parody. We’ve already seen Simpsons versions of Upworthy headlines, and we’ve hit refresh on Upworthy Generator more often than we’re willing to admit.

Now SFFworthy is here to apply the same clickbait headline style to sci-fi and fantasy movies and TV shows. Laughing Squid tipped us to its genius last week. At first we were intrigued. Then we were blown away. Our favorite SFFworthy headlines are collected below, and you can also view them as a single page.

Check out the rest at SFFworthy.