Two Extra Spider-Man Movies Means One Less Cute Girl For 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

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“Ugh, less of this, more Jamie Foxx combover” — Marc Webb

As you may have heard, Sony recently announced they’re going to be doing around a million sequels to The Amazing Spider-Man. Well, okay, they’re only doing three, but still, I have the sense it’s going to feel like a million once the fourth one hits in 2018.

So, how are they going to fill up four movies? By paaaaaaaadding things out. For starters, Mary Jane won’t be appearing until the third movie now…

But wait, hasn’t the new Mary Jane (Shailene Woodley) already filmed her scenes for the next movie? Yup, and they’ve all been cut. Director Marc Webb had this to say…

“I made a creative decision to streamline the story and focus on Peter and Gwen and their relationship. Shailene is an incredibly talented actress and while we only shot a few scenes with Mary Jane, we all love working with her.”

For her part, Shailene seems to be taking it well…

“Of course I’m bummed. But I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a specific reason. Based on the proposed plot, I completely understand holding off on introducing Mary Jane until the next film.”

Or in other words, “I’ve already been paid, so whatever”. But wait! According to The Hollywood Reporter Shailene Woodley probably won’t return for Amazing Spider-Man 3. The Mary Jane role will instead be recast, which is a shame, because Woodley is both super attractive and a pretty good actress.

But hey, it’s okay for Andrew Garfield to play a teenager into his late thirties, but Shailene Woodley would be a withered crone of 24 by the time Amazing Spider-Man 3 hits, so clearly there’s no way around the recasting.

via First Showing & The Hollywood Reporter

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