While You Were Sleeping In, This Shaolin Monk Learned To Run On Water

09.05.15 4 years ago 23 Comments

Don’t be fooled by the boards that Shaolin monk Shi Liliang seems to be running along. While they are certainly there, and providing a small level of support, Shi Liliang is barely touching them and essentially running across the water. This is a stunt he’s been practicing for 10 years, having started at a 50-meter dash and building up to his record of 125 meters.

What’s happening is a series of rapid, light steps that make it appear that Shi Liliang is running across the top of the water. The boards provide more traction than support, and he uses the strength in his toes to carry him. And thanks to his incredible focus and practiced concentration, the momentum carries him the full 125 meters in 50 seconds, beating his previous personal best distance of 118 meters last year.

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