These Shark Attack Videos Will Ruin The Ocean For You

07.11.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

Happy Shark Week, everybody!

Despite the fact that they’re basically remorseless eating machines with gills, shark attacks are actually pretty rare. In 2013, there were only 72 unprovoked shark attacks reported in the entire world. Because they’re actually so rare, any time there’s footage of an actual one occurring, it captures a lot of attention. Generally, though, if they aren’t hungry and you don’t try to poke it in the eye with a stick, most sharks will just leave you alone.

That being said, we dug up four YouTube videos of shark attacks for you to enjoy. There’s a lot of fake ones floating around out there — and that’s not including the ones clearly ripped-off from some Syfy movie. So, we did our best to make sure these were all the real deal. Also, some of these are graphic and gross, so… viewer discretion and all of that. Seriously.

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