Watch A Terrifying, Vicious Shark Lose His Thunder To A Photobombing Shark

There’s one in every crowd. In this case, the crowd is a frenzy of great white sharks. One of these animals happens to be an attention-seeking creature, who waited until his colleague looked especially vicious on camera before flopping into the air with a “Look at meeeeee!”

The tactic worked. The humans on the boat (off Seal Island in South Africa) received quite a surprise when the second shark volleyed into the air. Spokesman Dan Abbot said, “Sometimes, sharks will jump to get out of each other’s way, but there were no sharks below this one.” In other words, there was “no apparent reason” for this shark to grab a moment in the spotlight other than sheer, Kardashian-esque drama.

(Via Boing Boing and ABC News)