You Can Expect These Celebrities In ‘Sharknado 5’ And Its Parade Of Very Silly Cameos

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The oddly durable Sharknado franchise is just as famous for its parade of silly celebrity cameos as it is for its very bitey metrological phenomenon. Famous (or famous adjacent) folks of a certain realm line up for the privilege of killing or being killed by creatures inside the campy cyclone. Heck, the current President of the United States of America allegedly threatened to sue Mark Cuban over Sharknado universe presidential standing. Naturally, this evening’s broadcast of Sharknado 5 will be stuffed with cameos and it looks like we’re getting a decidedly international flavor with this installment. Who should you expect? Here’s a bluffer’s guide.

Embracing the “Global Swarming” theme of the fifth SyFy film, the cameo slate will feature some faces that might not be familar to an American audience. That’s not say there isn’t a portion of Americans that can recognize the Irish curiosity that is Jedward, but it’s a bit more of a reach to sort out than figuring out you’re seeing Carrot Top murdered before your eyes.

Let’s get to the primo silly stuff first. Fabio will be serving as the Pope in Sharknado 5 , Charo is this universe’s Queen of England and Chris Kattan (Corky Romano himself!) takes on the office of the British Prime Minister. (Not Theresa May, mind you.) Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller was able to weasel in filming (and being devoured by a shark) before heading to prison and we’ve learned from the trailer that Bret Michaels will be hit by a bus like it was part of the Tonys set.

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