Sharks And Recreation: Adding Sharks To ‘Parks And Rec’ For No Reason Whatsoever

A few weeks ago I bookmarked a new-ish Tumblr that photoshops (often poorly) sharks into scenes from Parks and Recreation with really no purpose at all outside of expanding on the obvious wordplay. I’ve been a bit burnt out on TV mashup Tumblrs and the tagline for this one is, “Parks and Recreation but with a super cool shark twist” so I figured I’d save it for some inspiration-less day when I couldn’t find anything to write about. Well, guess what folks: today is that day. Lucky us!

The more I glance over sharks + Parks though, the more they do it for me. I’ve even created a whole backstory about a shark who wants to break into show biz but can’t be taken seriously because of all the teeth and cartilage so he just sits at his computer shopping himself into scenes from his favorite show. He’s not a very talented actor or photoshopper, you see, but his heart is in the right place. There’s about a 50% likelihood this is actually what’s going on here.

Sharks and Recreation

He’s even got a black eye!

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