Shatner and Stewart…Together at Last?

We’ve been hearing a lot about Shatner’s latest attempt to make a little cash off of Trek, “The Captains”, for a while, but it actually looks interesting because A) Shatner is actually a surprisingly good interviewer, as you know if you’ve seen “Shatner’s Raw Nerve” and B) it actually gets in depth.
This clip, however, is the most we’ve seen out of the documentary yet, and it’s actually pretty interesting. The documentary seems to take the tack of asking how the role has influenced their lives. Also it looks like this thing is going to be a fountain of memes: if the Internet can’t make Picard and Kirk sitting awkwardly in easy chairs funny, then we just as a society have to give up and let the roaches eat us. Clip on the next slide, and the documentary airs tonight at 8pm.
[ via the ensigns at The Hollywood Reporter ]