She Got Her Nails Did: The Finger Nail Retrogame Art Of Maya Pixelskaya

Being an awesome, macho man, I don’t know much about the whole nail painting thing that the ladies seem to love doing. Well, one time I got a pedicure after I lost a bet and the lady convinced me that I should go with a clear coat, so I understood how terrible that month was, but as far as finger nails, I’m clueless. But I do understand a love for classic video games and movies, so I can especially appreciate the work of “retrogame” artist Maya Pixelskaya.
As you can see above, Maya uses her love of video games and movies to inspire her finger nail decorations. Obviously, she chose the classic first-person shooter “Doom” for her nails that day, but the creativity didn’t stop there. Maya claims that her hatred of studying in college led her to experimenting with the art on her nails, and as you can see after the jump, the results are quite impressive.
On her website, Maya challenges people to guess which movies and video games she has honored. I’m going to do the same, mainly because some of them have me stumped. Let’s get interactive, friends.

Clearly, this is “Street Fighter.”
This nail celebrates Jaws, obviously. Possibly Deep Blue Sea, if she’s younger and feels that her hat is like a shark fin.
I’m going with Amelie on this one. I feel pretty confident with that choice.
Of course that is Marilyn Monroe, but most people don’t know that the famous scene in question is from The Seven Year Itch. The more you know…
The Nightmare Before Christmas, that’s pretty evident. Come on, don’t these get tougher?
And now I’m stumped. I feel like I should know this one. Your guess is as good as mine.
Is this Terminator? Maybe a vampire film? It’s pretty cool regardless, but I’m still stumped.
Again, pretty awesome. Still stumped.
Titanic? Pretty Woman? I really suck at this.
Hoo boy, I’m going with Britney Spears on this one. Totally wrong, but it’s a safe guess.
Is this Chicago? The Parent Trap? No, I’m going with Showgirls. If I’m going to be wrong, I’m going to be wrong in style.