Shirley And Donna Got In A Two Day Man-Hungry Twitter Battle Over Joe Manganiello

07.17.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

Celebrities bantering back and forth with one another on Twitter isn’t something I’d usually cover. You know, because celebrities on Twitter are boring and unfunny 99% of the time. But it just came to my attention that Community’s Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) and Parks and Recreation’s Donna (Retta) spent the weekend engaging in a (tongue-in-cheek) man-hungry girl fight Twitter battle over who has rightful claim to Hollywood’s reigning piece of bearded man meat: Joe Manganiello.

It’s start with Shirley being all…

But then Donna was all…

The whole thing really takes a mind of its own from there.

There are so many factors in play it’s impossible for me to pinpoint exactly why I enjoy the dynamic so much, but I do. Octavia Spencer even gets in the mix, because of course she does. And Joe himself chimes in at the end to calm the ladies down, like any good smouldering hunk would. He knows the drill.

Here’s the chronicle of tweets — if you’re into that sort of thing — courtesy of Tumblr Bird Internet.

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