Take In This Shirtless Guy Just Out For A Stroll Enjoying Winter Storm Jonas

Before Winter Storm Jonas hit the East Coast, Nashville and a few other places got a taste. And as you can see above, the weird sights and oddities are just something to save for New York or DC. Nashville has it own fair share of weird folks, or people just not willing to let the blizzard get them down. In the middle of a newscast with WKRN’s Andy Cordan in downtown Nashville, this shirtless man just happens to walk by. His reason makes sense:

“Dude aren’t you cold?”

“No, man. I’m from Wisconsin.”

Say no more, right? Guy is likely used to jogging in these temperatures. Or at least fast walking to the nearest liquor store on a beer and cheese run. That’s all I really know about Wisconsin other than that is that they enjoy the Packers a bit too much. Enough to make them think that they are invincible to the cold, which is far from the truth.

Still, Packer fans. Crazy breed, right?

(Via WKRN)