Shirtless Jeff Goldblum Pretty Much Demanded Jurassic Parks And Rec To Happen

I was beginning to think that I’d grown tired of mashup Tumblrs, especially those involving Parks And Recreation, and then I can across “Jurassic Parks and Rec” this morning and I found myself giggling at yet another one. Yeah, sure, fine, I’ll admit it — I’m a sucker for a line about pissing tears laid over a slide of a shirtless Jeff Goldblum. What sort of monster wouldn’t find humor in that?

In fact, I’d been thinking lately that this site needs more Jeff Goldblum on it. The dude really hasn’t reached his full internet meme potential, if you ask me. He’s almost just as weird and quirky as Nic Cage, with no where near the same level of internet love. We may have to do something about that. In the meantime, enjoy.

(HT: The Hairpin’s Twitter)