‘Sh*t Black Girls Say’ Is The ‘Sh*t Girls Say’ Parody To End All ‘Sh*t Girls Say’ Parodies

A week ago the “Sh*t Girls Say” web series based on the “Sh*t Girls Say” Twitter account took the internet by storm. I liked it as much as the next guy who hears the inane comments of females on a regular basis while also enjoying a good drag segment, but I didn’t see this level of popularity coming. The initial video is already closing in on 5MM views and has spawned several parodies, including last week’s “Sh*t Gay Guys Say” and now the spectacular “Sh*t Black Girls Say” by comedian Billy Sorrells.

Maybe it’s Sorrells’ goatee, maybe it’s the gratuitous Cheetos placement, maybe it’s my shared love for Basketball Wives, or maybe (probably) indulging in cultural stereotypes without amaking the jokes yourself is a guilty pleasure I find difficult to deny, but regardless the reason this is my favorite variation yet. I always get busted for fronting around my friends.

Billy Sorrells via Best Week Ever