“Signal Ops”: James Bond Meets “Deus Ex”?

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FPS games have, as critical luminaries like Yahtzee have noted, spent a lot of time lately desperately trying to eliminate innovation and fun. A lot of them are nothing more than rail shooters without the lightgun and with a very dour and serious tone that’s somehow supposed to compensate for how ridiculous the plot is. So, thank you, Space Bullet, for bringing some lightheartedness and new ideas to the FPS genre. It’s needed.

“Signal Ops” puts you in an open world to let you solve problems your way, but “you” in this case are the guy sitting behind a desk, guiding a squad of four agents to their goal. Space Bullet mentions “Syndicate” and “Commandos” as well as “Deus Ex” as inspiration, which is some pretty heady nostalgia in of itself. Still, it’s early days, as the trailer will show you, so the concepts may change a bit, and this game is going to be heavily dependent on awesome AI. Check it out after the jump.

[ via the kiss kiss bang bang types at PC Gamer ]

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