Konami’s Next ‘Silent Hill’ Will Star ‘The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon

In what was probably the most unexpected announcement of Gamescom so far, Konami is bringing back Silent Hill. Birch was so happy, he’s still in surgery to get the smile off his face, so I’m here to explain the details. And they’re pretty amazing.

You can play the teaser on the Playstation Store right now, but if you don’t want to boot it up and download it, here’s a Let’s Play. Just hit mute when it starts, you don’t really need to hear the annoying British lady talking over the whole thing.

For those at work or not in the mood for a Let’s Play, the demo is essentially poking around a house that appears largely to have been left unchanged since the ’70s. It actually has a bit of a Gone Home feeling.

There are some clues as to what may have happened to the inhabitants, most notably a note that says “Forgive me, Lisa. There’s a monster inside of me.” And then we get an audio log that sounds a bit like a radio advertisement at first, but turns out to be a dude rather laid back about his father brutally murdering him. That’s because, as he says, he’s coming back, and bringing some new toys with him.

The demo ends with Norman Reedus walking into a rain-soaked, abandoned town, and, well, that’s what we’ve got, so far. Oh, right, the creative team: Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro.

At a guess, Kojima and his team are handling the mechanics, Del Toro is writing the game and helping with the art direction and atmosphere, and Reedus is, well, supplying Norman Reedus. That’s pretty much all we’ve got: A mood, some key people, and a release date. But really, that’s all we need to get excited.