‘Silent Hills’ Has A Whole Lotta NOPE In This New Trailer

So, many were wondering what the involvement of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro would be in Silent Hills. Were they just putting their names on it? Or would they be heavily involved? Well, if this trailer is any indication, they’re both heavily involved and they aren’t pulling any punches.

Here’s a brief summary of the trailer for those too busy to watch, but it’s basically Del Toro and Kojima pulling out all the stops. Decapitations, maggots, creepy toys, blood, wrong physics, monsters that vaguely resemble genitals… yep, this has Kojima and Del Toro all over this, especially the ending.

Honestly, this is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting games out there. The playable teaser released to announce the game is simultaneously a better gameplay experience that games I’ve paid real money for, and packed full of creepy story hints. It’s a hell of a check this game’s marketing is writing… fingers crossed it can cash it.