Simon Pegg Is Batman, Pokes Fun At The Ant-Man Kerfuffle

Last Thursday, Simon Pegg tweeted a picture of himself pointing at some Ant-Man art at the Marvel offices. Several outlets took that to mean he was cast as Hank Pym in his friend and collaborator Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie. We nearly covered the rumor as well, based on the wishful thinking alone. Simon Pegg then cleared up the matter with a couple of funny tweets.

Yesterday, Pegg continued to poke fun at last week’s media circus with this glorious tweet:

Edgar Wright got in on it, too.

“Simon Pegg Pointing At Things” needs to be a single-serving Tumblr immediately.

In other news, our sources exclusively report that Simon Pegg owns only one shirt. RUN WITH THAT ONE, BLOGOSPHERE.

(H/T: @SimonPegg, /film, and Geekosystem)