This Man’s Single Dad Status Allowed Him To Take The Baddest Family Photo Ever

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12.02.15 12 Comments

Let’s be real: There are few things worse when you’re a kid than having to go take a family photo at the mall. It’s right up there with having to eat cauliflower (who knew it’d be so delicious as an adult) and taking naps (also awesome in retrospect). For two kids, however, their family portrait was more an exercise in awesome than in boredom. That’s because their dad fully embraced the fact that he’s raising them solo and chose to go with a photo that really showed off what their family was like.

Taken by Chad Braithwaite of Faces Photography and posted to Reddit by a guy named Mike, the photo shows off not only Mike’s (presumably) awesome parenting skills and his kids’ gorgeous hair (noted by several commenters), but is a nice reminder that not all family photos have to be awful awkward messes in which no one is wearing sunglasses or looking at the camera all tough.

It’s safe to say this is a photoshoot Mike and his kids will remember forever.

(Via Cosmopolitan)

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