Skateboarding Corgi, Sausage Cats, and Links

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Don’t Press Paws: 10 Animal Music Acts That Will Rock Your World [Uproxx]

Have Airlines Got Their Act Together? [UproxxNews]

10 Best Reasons Not to See Yogi Bear, from Tim & Neil’s Pamphlet [Filmdrunk]

The greatest scene in Dexter history [

These Girls Sure Can Jump Rope [WithLeather]

Donald Trump Whips His Hair Back ‘n Forth [KissingSuzyKolber]

Dunks and Swats: NBA Jam Review [TheSmokingSection]

RESPECT Magazine and SoKodak Featuring Gotty (SmokingSection) and Nigel D (RealtalkNY)

The Downfall Of Val Kilmer: A Study In Posters [Pajiba]

The Five Best and Worst Examples of Movie Makeup [Unreality]

The Dubai Metro is Unreal [EgoTV]

Twitter Trend: The Number Game [Buzzfeed]

Wesley Snipes Talks To Larry King About Tax Conviction [UrbanDaily]

25 One-Scene Characters Who Ought to Have Their Own Movies [UGO]

VIDEO BELOW: Skateboarding Corgi, as promised.

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