David Schwimmer Is Starring In A Series Of Perplexing Skittles Super Bowl Commercials

Every year brands compete to be bigger, sexier, and weirder in unveiling annual Superbowl commercials, and this year Skittles definitely aimed for the latter with their spots. Recruiting the help of Friends star David Schwimmer (who, would have been better suited for Tropicana or Simply Orange, in my opinion), Skittles has created four 15 second spots teasing the “most exclusive Superbowl commercial ever” that will be broadcast on game day … to exactly one person, a California teenager named Marcos Menendez.

No, really.

“The highly exclusive ad will not be leaked to the public, and no, this is not a joke. The ad will be revealed to Marcos on Super Bowl Sunday on Skittles’ Facebook page,” the company revealed. “Menendez’s reaction is the only thing the public will be able to view on Facebook and no one else besides him will ever see the ad, not even Schwimmer.”

The first spot (above) shows a nearly unrecognizable, downtrodden-looking Schwimmer dressed in shabby office attire feeding Skittles to a sentient, talking sandwich; while the others feature the actor floating in some sort of virtual reality setting, as an X-Men type of mutant with glowing orifices, and — in the most bizarre of them all — being fed Skittles while sitting on the lap of a lamb Ventriloquist’s dummy.

The strategy seems like a bit of a gamble, so we’ll just have to wait for game day to see how it all pans out. You can watch the rest of the commercials below:

(Via People)