Meet The Alarm Clock That Will Actually Slap You Awake

Simone Giertz knows that waking up in the morning is awful unless you’re a morning person (which you obviously aren’t because you clicked on a post about a violent alarm clock).  And let’s be real about this: When your alarm goes off in the morning, there’s nothing better than hitting the snooze button and tricking yourself into believing that you can take a shower, eat breakfast and get out the door all in a span of less than five minutes. But there’s a solution to all of your problems! It’s an alarm clock that will either wake you up or beat you senseless so you have an excuse not to get up. Win/win.

Check it out in action in this GIF Giertz posted to Imgur:

Seems pretty effective, right? Also very, very terrifying and unpleasant. But effective!

Want to build your own alarm at home? Giertz explains it all in the video above. Just try not to reflexively punch a wall when the hand starts beating you in the face at 6am. Or if it malfunctions. Pray to god it doesn’t malfunction.

(Via YouTube)