Watch This Horrifying Video Of A Slingshot Ride’s Cord Snapping In Midair

You may remember a recent story in which a slingshot ride malfunctioned just before takeoff at a theme park in Wisconsin. Scary, right? While the folks on that ride were probably a little shook, at least they didn’t have to endure it breaking in midair. Shockingly, that is exactly what happened to a couple of unsuspecting thrill-seekers who visited Luna Park in Cap d’Agde, France. A bystander caught the entire incident on camera, and posted it to YouTube.

In the clip, you can see the passengers on the ride just before it’s released. Within seconds, the duo is shot high into the air. From there, things get ugly pretty quick. Upon the ride’s descent, one of the cords snap, causing the riders to be flung into a support tower. The cage the passengers are in bounces around a little bit, before finally settling. YIKES.

Both riders ended up dangling above the ground for more than an hour before firefighters were able to rescue them. Amazingly, the only injury sustained by either passenger (if you don’t count the mental scarring) was a broken leg.

Of course, the park is denying all responsibility for the mishap, claiming it was a “manufacturing defect.”

This may be a bad year to have your money invested in a slingshot ride company.

(Via Daily Mail)