This Woman’s $42.9 Million Slot Machine Selfie Turned Sour Pretty Darn Quick

Slot machines are alluring creatures, aren’t they? They’re flashy, loud, filled with money and James Garner got a paycheque thanks to an get-rich infomercial on the subject, so what’s not to like? Scenes like the one Katrina Bookman recently experienced tick the “not to like” box rather handily.

WABC reports that Bookman received a rude awakening after hitting a slot machine payout that doubles as a gambler’s wet dream. The mother-of-four was informed by the Sphinx slot machine that she won $42,949,672 at Resorts World Casino, a feat coupled with a selfie with the massive total for good measure. Informed that she should return the following day, Bookman made her way back to the casino and was provided with some heartbreaking news.

“I said what did I win? (casino rep said) You didn’t win nothing,” said Bookman of her attempts to get the winnings listed on the screen. She says the casino was only willing to offer a steak dinner.

Bookman’s attorney, Alan Ripka, has characterized the casino’s lack of payout to be “unfair.” Ripka noted that even if the machine was malfunctioning on the total won, his client is deserving of earned winnings.

“The machine takes your money when you lose. It ought to pay it when you win,” he said.

The New York State Gaming Commission has stated that the machine in question malfunctioned and malfunctioning machines “void all pays and plays.” At present, Bookman intends to sue Resorts World Casino over the win that wasn’t.

(Via ABC News)