How Smart Are Your Celebs? The SAT Scores Are In And They’ll Surprise You.

I never took the SAT’s, but I took the ACT’s and I got a 29, so I think that was good at the time. But, apparently the College Board has come to the conclusion that they will go back to the old standard of grading up to 1,600. With that being said, let’s take a look at all your favorite celebrities, Presidents, and baseball players SAT scores! Via NY Times:

1. Ben Affleck: “Ben had almost perfect SAT scores in high school.”
2. Ke$ha: 1,500
3. Bill Gates: 1,590
4. George W. Bush: 1,206
5. Al Gore: 1,355
6. Scarlett Johansson: 1,080
7. Bill Cosby: 500
8. Steve Wozniak: 800 on the math section
9. Ben Bernanke: 1,590
10. Jesse Eisenberg: 1,260
11. Alex Rodriguez: 910
12. James Franco: “Near-perfect.”

Bush got a 1,206? Can you get a 1,206? Also, “Ben had almost perfect SAT scores in high school.” sounds like his Mom bragging about him as she sips some special tea that I’ve never heard about. Franco’s “Near-perfect” is totally a Franco score. Cosby with the 500? Explain yourself with the Jell-O, and the ha ha ha, and the things, and the terrible Cosby impression:

Welp, that explains the disastrous score.

Ke$ha seems like the ultimate troll. She sings and writes songs about the dumbest things imaginable, and then in her real life she just reads, goes to museums, and is really articulate. She also was in rehab and wanted to make art with our teeth. So, with smarts comes putting a dollar sign in your name and making artwork out of teeth. I’m pretty glad I changed my major from Fine Arts to Marketing. I could never properly turn a circle into a shaded sphere, anyway.

Via NY Times