Smell Their Feet: The Greatest Child Halloween Costumes That Will Ever Show Up At Your Door

When I was a kid, my family didn’t have very much money so we had to rely on things that we had around the house in making fun Halloween costumes for me. Fortunately, my mom was an emergency room nurse, so that means every year I got to be either an evil, bloodied doctor or a terribly injured football player. It beat the hell out of my brother’s floral print ghost costumes from his childhood years.
But kids today have it so much easier. The newer generation of parents have been so heavily influenced by three decades of amazing popular culture that they have an endless supply of homemade costume ideas. Just a white sheet, a few tubes of fake blood, a photo of Condoleezza Rice and some cotton balls glued together to form a beard can give a kid an awesome Osama Bin Laden costume. For added points, have a few of your kid’s friends dress as devils and follow him around, prodding him with pitchforks. See how easy it is?
Some parents just know how to do Halloween right, so I thought we’d pay tribute to some of the best child costumes and the parents who are clearly the big winners of Halloween.

(Images via Imgur, Buzzfeed, Reddit, and beyond!)
(Of course made famous by our cool uncle Vince at FilmDrunk.)
Actually, a pirate that grows up to be President Barack Obama.