Sneak Peak: Adobe Photoshop’s Unblur Feature (with Rainn Wilson?!)

10.12.11 7 years ago

Being Rainn Wilson must be pretty damn cool. I mean, on top of basically just playing that same character from Juno over and over again, the dude also somehow earns nerd clout and gets to help introduce new Adobe Photoshop features to the greater masses. Again, being Rainn Wilson must be pretty damn cool.

The latest feature to come rolling out of the Adobe sneaker shop is the introduction of their long-awaited “unblur” feature, at this year’s MAX 2011 showcase. Using advanced black magic and mathematical logarithms, the unblur feature is able to analyze an image and decipher what the hell your hands were doing the moment that the photo was snapped. Based on its formula, the program then attempts to counterbalance your lack-of-ability and define the details of the missing areas. Oh and don’t you worry: nerd gasps be aplenty in this video. Notable geek outs occur at the 1:18, 3:36 and 4:52 marks. You’ve be warned.

And so I guess this could be the poignant ending to an important era. And of course my “important era” I mean “a time when stupid college kids take REALLY crappy cell phone pictures for their Myspace Facebook pages”. Godspeed, Adobe, godspeed.

Video after the jump (Rainn Wilson is hiding in the bottom right hand corner):

[via TheNextWeb]

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