SNL Alum Jenny Slate’s New Web Video Is Hilarious, Disturbing

This is quite good. As Vulture notes, Jenny Slate’s “Self Esteem” is a “dark” and “voyeuristic” web video that “will make you laugh, cringe, and marvel.” I also found it inspiring.

“OMG look at this guy. He’s all sprawled out on his bed writing a blog post about Jenny Slate’s new web video while eating leftover Halloween candy. Look at him, he’s disgusting — he even got Butterfinger crumbs on his new iPhone. Poor Siri. His parents must be so proud. Oh look he’s using Google to check the spelling of a word. IS IT THAT HARD TO OPEN ANOTHER BROWSER TO DICTIONARY.COM, YOU LAZY F*CK?! I bet when he falls asleep it sounds like a chainsaw cutting through a Buick. I wonder if he shaves his balls? Probably not. Caveman f*cker. I’d like to be inside a urinal so I can see his balls to know if they’re clean shaven. Probs not though. I bet he gets all his groceries at Super WalMart. Nobody needs him. His back hurts.”

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